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  • Simulaids® ALEX Patient Communication Simulator

    £20,085.00£44,070.00 ex. Vat
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    DANi™ Teen & Young Adult Advanced Training Solution

    £7,996.00£21,400.00 ex. Vat
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    TERi™ Androgynous Geriatric Patient Trainer

    £7,938.00£21,400.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: Teri-VAR
  • Skillqube

    £5,895.00£11,995.00 ex. Vat
  • Life/form® Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm

    £825.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF01121
  • Life/form® Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm – Full Set

    £2,295.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF01121FS
  • Simulaids® IV Injection Hand & Arm Unit

    £695.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: 140-140
  • BT Inc Male Catheterisation Simulator

    £847.00 ex. Vat
  • BT Inc Female Catheterisation Simulator

    £968.00 ex. Vat
  • Basic Buddy® CPR Manikin

    £134.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF03693
  • Basic Buddy CPR Manikin – Convenience Pack

    £770.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF03732
  • Basic Buddy®/Baby Buddy® – Classroom Pack

    £1,180.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF03688
  • Blood Pressure Arm

    £1,505.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF03613
  • BT Inc Blood Pressure/Pulse Assessment Simulator

    £1,645.00 ex. Vat
  • CPR Cube 2 | Fun Training Aid

    £127.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: 100-CC2G100
  • Custom Headwalls

    Call for Price
    SKU: sim/headwall
  • Deluxe Blood Pressure Simulator with Speaker System

    £1,890.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF01129EXP
  • Lucy Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator

    £4,975.00£8,805.00 ex. Vat
    SKU: LF00040-VAR