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BT Inc Blood Pressure/Pulse Assessment Simulator with Tablet

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BT INC Blood Pressure/Pulse Assessment Simulator


Realistic Practice of B/P examination with a stethoscope
Setting the Systolic/Diastolic BP (BP range: 35~240Hg)
Setting the pulse rate per minute (Pulse rate range: 40~140times/min)
Setting up automatic the Systolic/Diastolic B/P & pulse rate
Setting Auscultatory gap (On/Off)
Setting pulse intensity (3 stages)
Setting Korotkoff sound’s volume (5 stages)
Pulse palpation at radial & brachial arteries.
Auscultate Korotkoff’s sound of brachial artery
Choose Auscultation techniques / Palpation techniques / Auscultation + Palpation
Real-time graphs of cuff pressure changes are shown on the monitor. Pressure range: 0~300mmHg
Setting over pressure standard (10~50mmHg)
The decompression rate between systolic & diastolic is displayed in real-time.
Arm skin is made from a soft material that feels similar to real human skin.
Easy self-practice and evaluation by training/evaluation mode. (Various situations are programmed)


BT Inc

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