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Simulaids® ALEX Patient Communication Simulator

The Patient Simulator That Can

HD Camera

HD Camera

My IrisCam™ streams low latency
video from my right eye.

Speech Recognition Ability

Speech Recognition Ability

I respond to clinical interview questions
with answers related to my scenario.

Connected and Utilises Existing Devices

Connected and Utilises Existing Devices

Goodbye instructor workstations,
no more licenses.

Intubation (oral, nasal and digital)

Speech Recognition

Palpable pulses - bilateral

Spontaneous Breathing

CPR with metrics charting depth, rate and ventilations

Built-in Microphone

Built-in Speakers

Iris Cam

IV Arm




Dorsalis Pedis

Bowel Sounds with Smartscope

Anterior/Posterior Lung Sounds with Smartscope

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ALEX Patient Communication Simulator provides all the physiological features of a full-body high fidelity human patient simulator you expect: palpable pulse points, spontaneous breathing, blood pressure measurement, high-fidelity lung/heart/bowel sounds, live CPR metrics with BVM ventilation, simulated patient monitor and 12-lead ECG, intubate airway and more.

Yet, ALEX is surprisingly affordable, from initial purchase to lifetime total cost of ownership. A reliable, affordable and realistic ‘sim man’ for high-fidelity simulation training.

ALEX is the first patient simulator to have speech recognition ability and also an inbuilt HD camera. A full-body, 20 kg patient simulator with advanced communication skills is intuitive and easy to operate. Speech recognition ability allows the simulator to respond verbally to clinical interview questions with answers related to the scenario.

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Included across all models

Model Specific Features & Pricing


  • Up to 250 questions per day
  • CPR with metrics charting depth, rate, ventilations (log)
  • Simulation log archive - 60 days
  • Warranty - one year


  • Up to 1000 questions per day
  • Virtual AED/pacing and 12-lead ECG
  • CPR with metrics charting depth, rate, ventilations (live)
  • Iris Cam recording - 1000 hours
  • Simulation log archive - one year
  • Warranty - five years


  • Unlimited questions
  • Virtual AED/pacing and 12-lead ECG
  • CPR with metrics charting depth, rate, ventilations (live)
  • Model-driven physiology
  • Drug treatments
  • Iris Cam recording - unlimited
  • Simulation log archive - five years
  • TeamSpace
  • Virtual patient
  • Warranty - five years

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Additional Options

Life/form® Advanced Venepuncture and Injection Arm

Soft, flexible fingers are moulded separately with extreme attention paid to every detail right down to the fingerprints. Flexion of the wrist helps students develop manipulation skills. An extensive 8-line vascular system allows students to practice venepuncture at all primary and secondary locations, including starting IVs and introducing Over Needle IV Catheters. This arm is also suitable for cannulation in any of the veins.
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Simulaids® ALEX Female Accessory Kit

Includes voice, torso overlay, genitalia, and wig. ALEX is a gender-non-specific simulator. The female accessory kit enables simulation educators to quickly and easily represent a typical female patient. For use with ALEX Patient Communication Simulator – Lite, Plus and Pro Also available in a medium skin tone.
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T Level Health

ALEX is a fantastic option for the T Level Health course, a relatively new qualification that is the equivalent of three A Levels. A responsive manikin is required in order to deliver the course, making ALEX a great cost-effective option compared to high-fidelity manikins that cost considerably more money. 

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