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SKILLQUBE© offers a wide array of patient monitor/defibrillator options designed to support different named medical device manufacturers available in the market (Stryker, Zoll, Weinmann and Schiller), a geriatric version is also available for purchase. 

Representing The World's Best ECG Monitors

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Why Choose Skillqube?

● Made from trainers for trainers. SKILLQUBE is one of Europe’s leading AHA Training Centers and uses all their experience for the best possible product.

● Monitor skins work and sound like the original device.

● qubeCLOUD scenario editor, browser-based, organizational, and device management

● qubeCPR Feedback Sensor with accurate measurements. No special manikin is needed.

● qubeASSESSMENT for a better simulation experience for students and instructors.

● innovative ventilator simulators with monitor interface for a seamless integration.

● Multilingual system architecture. Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese.


Each skin/interface represents the various pieces of software used in patient monitors:

● qube15 – LIFEPAK 15-STRYKER

● qubeX – X-Series – ZOLL

● qube3 – Corpuls3 simulation

● qube3T – Corpuls3 simulation

● qube7 – DEFIGARD Touch 7 – Schiller

● qubeZERO (Generic)

● qube20e (LIFEPAK 20e)

● qubeR (Zoll R-Series)


Choose Between Two Sizes of Patient Monitor

iPad (10.2")

iPad Pro (12.9")

qubeX-2-1 (1)

Our Packages


Price dependant on iPad size
  • Large bag (grey)
  • Adult & paediatric cable sets
  • WIFI router
  • 1 x iPad (12.9")
  • 2 x iPad (10.2") with covers
  • qubeZERO
  • qubeAED
  • qubeVENT - optional
  • qubeCPR
  • Ventilator hardware


Price dependant on iPad size
  • Large bag (grey)
  • Adult & paediatric cable sets
  • WIFI router
  • 1x iPad (12.9")
  • 2x iPad (12.9")
  • qubeCPR (set of 2)
  • qubeZERO
  • qubeAED
  • qubeVENT
  • +1 OEM skin (choose from qubeSERIES list)
  • Ventilator hardware


Price dependant on iPad size
  • Large or medium bag
  • Adult & paediatric cable sets
  • CubeCPR
  • WIFI Router
  • 1 x Instructor iPad (10.2" or 12.9")
  • 2 x Assessor iPads (10.2" or 12.9")
  • qubeAVgo light
  • Monitor skins
  • qubeZERO
  • qubeAED
  • qubeVENT
  • +5 OEM skins

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“We perceive the Skillqube as a high-end product at a competiive price.”

– Carl R. Christiansen, Assistant Professor

“The feedback we are getting since using the qubeSERIES simulators is awesome, they love it.”

– Shane Crook – Manager Education & Training

“We are very happy with Skillqube. It is super easy to understand for the students and has a great benefit on the courses.”

– Kristoffer Overli Anderson – Faculty Lecturer

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T Level Health

Skillqube is one of the products in our T Level Health range, a selection of our products which can be purchased specifically to deliver the T level Health course and meet the required specification effectively. Skillqube is a great option for allowing learners to get a feel of the patient monitors that are seen in hospitals and other medical settings. The instructor pads offer real-time feedback allowing learners to constantly improve.

Click the button below to learn more about the T Level Health qualification and how Simulaids can help, as well as our products that support the delivery of the course.