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TERi™ Androgynous Geriatric Patient Trainer

£7,938.00£21,400.00 ex. Vat

Finally, a geriatric patient simulator that realistically simulates how an elderly patient moves and feels. Practise all the skills required for dignified geriatric nursing care.

  • A comprehensive male/female elderly patient care trainer for medical simulation
  • With a more realistic look and feel, accurately representing human anatomy
  • The weight is distributed to represent a real patient for lifting and carrying.
  • Comprehensive and complete simulation platform including patient monitoring capability.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Soft silicone skin with noticeable normal and cancerous skin moles, stage 1 sacral ulcer and reddened skin folds.


TERi™ is an androgynous geriatric patient simulator. An evolution of the original geriatric simulator, GERi™, the new TERi™ has enhanced aesthetics with soft silicone skin, simulating a lifelike look and feel.

Fully articulated limbs, but lightweight, makes ambulatory care training realistic and safe.

TERi™ is the ideal solution for simulating all geriatric nursing tasks from Activities of Daily Living to acute medical emergencies in a prehospital or in-hospital setting.


Passive Range of Motion: Sitting, laying, finger/toe manipulation.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Soft silicone skin with noticeable normal and cancerous skin moles, stage 1 sacral ulcer and reddened skin folds.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL): Bathing, clothing changes, denture care, hearing aid placement, eye irrigation and optic drops, ostomy & urinary catheter care, hair care.

Injections: Multiple IM sites, subcutaneous and IV injection arm.

Cardiovascular Support: Carotid pulses, CPR with quality performance metrics and auscultation.

Nasogastric Tube Procedures: Placement, lavage, gavage, feeding and suctioning.

Respiratory Support: Manual ventilation with chest rise, Oxygen administration, tracheostomy care, airway/trach suctioning, intubation, ventilation and auscultation.

In-dwelling Male & Female Urinary Catheterisation: Includes support for urethral and suprapubic catheters.

Advanced Skills: Urinary catheterisation, enema administration, pelvic and prostate examination.


Product Name TERi™ Androgynous Geriatric Trainer
Addresses Training Needs/Curricula General capability carefully selected to support practice on:

  • Essentials of Patient Care
  • Movement Assistance and Fall Prevention
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Basic and Advanced Nursing Skills
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergencies

Suitable for long-term facilities and emergency room training.

Configuration Light or medium skin tones
Configurable to fit unique training needs and budgets
A range of accessories available to enhance the basic version maximizing versatility, training benefit and return on investment.
Accessories IV Arm – LF04303
BP Arm – LF04304
Consumables IV Arm: Skins, Veins Kit, IM Pads, Fluid Supply Bag
IM Pads for Thighs and Buttocks
Urinary Catheterisation: Male Genitalia Foreskins, Foley Catheter, Urinary Catheterisation Bladders
Lung Bags
Stomach Bags
Stoma Bags
Gastrostomy Bags
Simulated Blood
Product Code/SKU Geriatric Patient Care Trainer (Light) – LF04300
Geriatric Patient Skills Trainer (Light) – LF04301
Geriatric Patient Simulator (Light) – LF04302
Dimensions/Weight Dimensions: 1.5 m
Ship Weight: 35 kg

Want TERi to talk?

Upgrade with PCS Plus: The Wearable Simulator to enable TERi to listen to your questions and give AI-powered responses!

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Patient Care Trainer, Patient Skills Trainer, Patient Simulator



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