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DANi™ Teen & Young Adult Advanced Training Solution

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Evolving from the full body KERi™ manikin, DANi is an advanced training solution designed to support training on the fundamentals of nursing and EMS procedures for issues relating to drug abuse, sexual assault, mental health, or self-harm.
DANi accurately reproduces scenarios and challenging dynamics for learners to administer critical care for this important patient demographic.
A realistic, hands-on learning experience ideally suited for classroom in-situ, or hospital instruction.


  • It’s the evolution of KERi, a younger version of TERi. In other words, a teenager/young patient with the same realism TERI offers.
  • Promoted as a Female (yet can be easily configurable as a Male patient).
  • Light & medium skin tones are available.
  • Largely supports medical education training needs around the most common issues affecting teenagers (and young adults) all over the globe:
    • Accidents / Mental health / Self-harm and suicide / Substance abuse / Sexual assault


  • Crime & Sexual abuse investigators
  • Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Room Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • First Responders

Trauma Simulation
• Physical assessment
• Airway, breathing, circulation
• Body trauma scan
• Wound care
• Self-harm/drug use moulage
• Asymmetric pupils

Realistic Features
• Pupils
• Airway
• Acne
• Smooth skin
• Tattoo sleeve
• Piercings & earrings
• Dyed and black wigs
• Foot wounds

Nursing Care
• Grooming
• Daily living assistance
• Eye/ear/hair care
• Catheter
• Injection
• Oxygen
• Blood pressure
• Pericare
• Ostomy care
• Urinary catheter care
• Oxygen administration

Female & Male Genitalia
Includes female sexual assault genitalia

Patient Positioning
Superior range of motion, seating, laying, finger and toe manipulation

Respiratory Support
• Manual ventilation with chest rise
• Intubation
• Ventilation
• Tracheostomy care
• Suctioning

• 6 anterior heart sites with 12 heart conditions
• 5 anterior, 6 upper posterior, 4 lower posterior
• 2 mid-axillary lung sites with 12 lung conditions

Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
CPR with quality performance metrics, carotid pulse, intubation

Advanced Skills
• Gastrostomy
• Nasogastric procedures
• Airway/trach suctioning
• Enema
• Pap smear
• Pelvic exam
• Intravenous injections

SKILLQUBE¨ Patient Monitoring/Defibrillator
• ECG monitor (with additional patient vitals and monitored signals: ABP, SpO2, etCO2)
• Pacemaker
• Defibrillator
• Ventilator (generic)
• Instructor controlled scenario editor with library
• Auscultation, glucometer, thermometer, checklists, operating procedures
• Realistic laboratory values
• Optional CPR feedback with real-time evaluation (add-on)


Like TERi, DANi comes in 3 different configurations:

DANi Teen & Young Adult Advanced Patient Care Trainer

LF04500 (Light skin tone)
LF04500M (Medium skin tone)

DANi Teen & Young Adult Advanced Patient Skills Trainer

LF04502 (Light skin tone)
LF04502M (Medium skin tone)

DANi Teen & Young Adult Advanced Patient Simulator

LF04504 (Light skin tone)
LF045042M (Medium skin tone)

Additional information


Light, Medium


Patient Care Trainer, Advanced Patient Simulator, Patient Skills Trainer



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