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Simulaids® Coagulant Blood for Casualty Simulation

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Coagulant Blood

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Coagulant Blood 4oz. bottle

Use simulated coagulant blood to enhance the realism of any training simulation.

This product is included in the following Simulation kits:

800-665 PHTLS Moulage kit
800-870 Weapons of Mass Destruction kit
800-650 Nursing Care Moulage kit
800-819 Advance Military Casualty Simulation kit
800-890 Deluxe Casualty Simulation kit
800-816 Multiple Casualty Simulation kit
800-816B Multiple Casualty Simulation kit Dark
800-815 Basic Casualty Simulation kit
800-815B Basic Casualty Simulation kit Dark
800-818 EMT Casualty Simulation kit
800-700 Forensic Wound Simulation training kit
800-620 Xtreme Trauma Moulage
800-025  Xtreme Trauma Moulage 2
800-028 Xtreme Trauma Deluxe Moulage kit



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