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Simulaids® Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit

£888.00 ex. Vat

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Advanced Military Kit

Four strap-on fracture wounds and a wide array of makeup allow you to augment your presentations. A great kit for terrorist-small-arms-attack response exercises.

Bleeding strap-on wounds complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly

800-6816 compound fractures of the humerus, upper arm x2
800-6761 compound fractures of the tibia, lower leg x2
800-219 Dozen assorted stick-on injury simulations x5

800-226 Coagulant makeup blood x2
800-225 Powder simulated blood x3
800-228 Methylcellulose for blood thickening
800-230 Broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass embedded wound x2
800-223 Fake Dirt x2
800-866 Makeup liner – Red x2
800-868 Makeup liner – Blue x2
800-235 Makeup liner – Brown x2
800-234 Makeup liner – White x2
800-867 Makeup liner – Yellow x2
800-236 Makeup liner – Black x2
800-237 Makeup liner – Flesh x2
800-847 Glycerin for perspiration
800-851 Cold cream
800-240 Mineral oil
800-854 Charcoal
800-231 Latex compound, to simulate scars x3
800-239 Petroleum jelly x2
800-856 Plastalene Modelling Paste

Also included:
100 pk Cotton balls
100 pk Cotton applicators/swab sticks
100pk Tongue depressors
Makeup Sponges
6 pk Spatulas
Makeup palette
Measuring cup
Atomiser mist sprayers
2 Pressure-sensitive tape



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