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Deluxe Blood Pressure Simulator with Speaker System

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Deluxe Blood Pressure Simulator with Speaker System

The ideal way to broadcast blood pressure sounds to an entire classroom. The instructor can instantly change Korotkoff phases to compare audible differences, vary pulse rate and volume, control systolic and diastolic pressures and demonstrate the phenomenon of the auscultatory gap.

Includes Blood Pressure Simulator LF01095 and an Amplifier/ Speaker System.

Features include:

Durable control unit
Palpable radial pulse
Simple calibration procedure
External speaker

Control Unit Allows Instructor to:
Select systolic and diastolic settings
Adjust volume
Turn the auscultatory gap on or off
Adjust pulse rate
Easily calibrate the unit for use with any sphygmomanometer

Use normal procedure to place the cuff on the arm
Check palpable pulse at the radial site
Pump cuff
Pressures are activated at the release valve
Read pressures on the sphygmomanometer
Auscultate Korotkoff sounds with any stethoscope through a speaker in the arm

Five-year warranty.



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