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Worldwide, around 800-900 women die daily (1) due to complications through pregnancy and childbirth.

Competent and skilled care before, during and after childbirth could have saved the lives of many of these women. There are various causes of death during maternity, these include complications which arise from delivery, infections, severe bleeding, also eclampsia and pre-eclampsia.

For maternal health care to improve, it is necessary to identify the practices that can be implemented to do so. Practice and training through simulation is often associated with increased positive outcomes (2). Simulation-based training can reduce the number of medical errors, as well as cutting the cost of clinical care. Maternity staff in clinical settings need the right skills to be able to prevent both neonatal and maternal complications.

Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) can be caused by bleeding into a hidden tissue area (this is called a haematoma), tear in a blood vessel in the uterus, tear in the cervix or tissues in the vagina or blood clotting disorders (3). Severe PPH results in extreme loss of blood and a large drop in blood pressure, which could lead to shock or even death if not treated correctly. PPH is the biggest cause of maternal deaths worldwide (4), however, if the cause of bleeding is found in good time the individual can make a full recovery. The consequences of PPH are anaemia, hypotension and fatigue, which in turn can create a difficult experience while providing maternal care.

The IUSim™ Intrapartum Sonography Simulator is ideal for objectively measuring birth progress and provides a more scientific basis for assessing labour. The correct use of ultrasound is of crucial importance when performing a safe operative delivery.

In addition, the Life/form® Lucy Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator offers a comprehensive range of both prenatal and postnatal maternity scenarios. This is ideal for medical professionals to experience PPH first hand, in a controlled environment, which enables them to learn more efficiently. Lucy in conjunction with the IUSim Intrapartum Sonography Simulator uses ultrasound imagery to detect signs of PPH, allowing someone to accurately and quickly respond to any potential life-threatening bleeding.

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