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Venatech IV Trainer – pack of 5

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Venatech IV Trainer 5-Pack

This IV trainer is easily attached to a person’s arm so the student can practise venipuncture techniques on a live subject. Including the proper positioning on an actual human arm, without the risks associated with puncturing living tissue. The Venatech IV trainer is ideal for practising starting IVs in a moving ambulance.

The trainer includes the three main veins used in phlebotomy. Cephalic, basilic and median cubital – all in the correct anatomical position. An arterial vessel is present on the trainer for arterial blood gas simulation. Also, use as a tool for showing how to correct the puncture through a vein into an artery.

Besides performing actual IV practice, the trainer helps students learn essential patient communication skills such as explaining the procedure to the patient, asking them to close their fists, etc.



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