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Simulaids® Infant Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board

£1,395.00 ex. Vat

The advantages of durability and lifelike appearance, in association with the convenience of a lightweight stand, put this device at the head of the class for paediatric airway training.

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Deluxe Infant Airway Trainer Head

This station trainer incorporates new skin technology.

This new material eliminates tearing of the airway, saving the need for costly repairs caused by beginning student intubation attempts. The translucent property allows for lifelike illumination of the airway and neck as the skill is attempted.

Features include:

Highlighted Vocal cords are for easy viewing
The tongue swells
All the anatomical landmarks are present
Accepts up to 4.0 mm. E.T. Tube oral and nasal.



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