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CPR Cube 2 | Fun Training Aid

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Brand new for 2021 Second Generation cprCUBE!

Available on back-order


cprCUBE 2

cprcube is a hands-only CPR training device

Anybody can learn the most important part of CPR: Chest compression without requiring an expensive Manikin.

With two sources of feedback

Sound – Beeping sound at the proper depth

  • Guide mood – Metronome Sound for guide mode
  • Combo – Special beeping sound for compression combo
  • Success/fail judgement –  different beeping sound for compression quality

LED Feedback Check if CPR performed is correct or not

Rate LED – 3 different LED colours for rate
Depth LED – 2 different LED colours for depth
Recoil LED – Red LED on ‘recoil’ (bad recoil)

Use the scenario cards to learn different CPR Phrases. It can be used for individual learning or under guidance during class.


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