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BT Inc Intravenous (IV) Injection Training Arm – Infant

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BT Inc Intravenous (IV) Injection Training Arm – Infant

The beauty of this realistic infant IV training arm with a pump is the ease with which the user can replace the arms. Veins are contained within a single disposable arm, which stays perfectly in place with a magnet. Robust silicone-based skin means cannulation leaves no visible holes or marks when using a small bore needle. The mains or battery-powered IV training arm pump generates a constant circulation of simulated blood. Enabling flashback and filling vials during venepuncture.When cannulating the infant IV training arm with a pump, the user will feel a high-fidelity‘ pop’ as the needle penetrates the skin. The skin itself is made up of three layers; epidermis, vein and subcutaneous fat and available in two skin tones; light and dark.

A unique arm design means the cost of consumables is considerably lower than IV training arms from other brands. This cost relates to the price of the physical consumable parts, which are also up to 25% cheaper, but also the time it takes a technician/clinician to service a traditional IV training arm. The BT Inc IV training arm takes a matter of seconds to service.


IV injection, blood collection, and IV cannulations are possible at two points on the back of the hand and the cubital fossa.
Easy to attach and detach arms to the arm mount with the magnetic holder
Consist of two sizes of arm; 1-year-old and 3-years-old
Flexible fingers and easy to change the angle of the arm.
Can check the flashback technique.
Hybrid system; circulation pump and gravity.
Circulation pump; easy to set up, clean and maintain.
Power: AC power or battery.


BT Inc

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