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BT Inc Intramuscular Injection Simulator with tablet

£3,725.00 ex. Vat

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BT INC Intramuscular Injection simulator with tablet

The touch feeling of the model is similar to human skin.
The buttocks model is composed of epidermis layer, muscular layer and skeletal frame.
Ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal site injection practice; both side
The skin is made of soft silicon that leaves no needle marks with self-healing system
Fluid injection and Automated drain
Advanced Education method with touch screen & color display.
Self-Training and Evaluation of user’s performance with Training & Evaluation mode.
Automated on-line connection with Bluetooth interface.
Objective assessment for procedures before Injection and injection
All results being displayed in real time
The detailed evaluation results are stored in JPEG format
Power : AC power or battery


BT Inc

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