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Advanced Child CPR/Airway Management Torso with Defibrillation Features

£1,750.00 ex. Vat

This Lifeform advanced airway management trainer is perfect for practising skills on paediatric patients and represents the size of a 5-year-old patient.

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Advanced Child CPR/Airway Management Torso with Defibrillation Features

The Lifeform Advanced Child Airway Management Trainer is a great trainer for introductory as well as advanced training.

Present your students with the challenges they may face in the real world. Trainer offers tongue swelling and laryngospasm in addition to all the features on the standard models. Practice intubation, ventilation, suction, CPR, and jaw thrust techniques.

Realistic anatomy and landmarks include teeth, tongue, oral and nasal pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, arytenoids, false and true vocal cords, trachea, lungs, oesophagus, and stomach. The trainer allows you to practice oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as E.T., E.O.A., P.T.L., L.M.A., E.G.T.A., Combitube®, and King System insertion.

Separate lungs for auscultation. Manual carotid pulse. An inflatable stomach bladder indicates oesophageal insufflation. With its slightly anterior position, swelling tongue, and vocal cords.

Lifeform Advanced Child Airway Management Trainer, lets you practice defibrillation using standard manual, automatic, or semi-automatic external monitor defibrillators. An internal load box absorbs the full strength of every shock to protect students and equipment.
it is also possible to monitor the manikin and is compatible with all standard brands and types of defibrillators, monitors, and patient simulators. Features four ECG sites and two defibrillation sites.

This torso is the foundation of the Lifeform Child CRiSis system. Add arms and legs to provide IV access, intraosseous infusions, and blood pressure monitoring.

If you do not have an ECG simulator and want to practice ECG recognition, you may want to consider adding the Lifeform Interactive ECG Simulator to your training.



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