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Casualty Care Rescue Randy

Life-Like Training Solutions For Real Life Situations

A full-body manikin, uniquely designed for enhanced realistic training on the procedures that three most preventable causes of death:

  1. 1. Massive bleeding
  2. 2. Tension pneumothorax
  3. 3. Airway obstruction
CCRR allows for hyper-realistic training procedures to treat the three most preventable causes of death on the battlefield or in civilian trauma situations:
Cause of Death 1

Massive hemorrhage managed using tourniquets, hemostatic dressings, junctional devices, and pressure dressings.

Cause of Death 2

Airway managed by oral/nasal airway devices and surgical cricothyroidotomy.

Cause of Death 3

Treatment of tension pneumothorax with placement of a needle decompression device.

Compliant with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) for all service members

Compliant with Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) for all EMS/EMT/LEO professionals

Rugged, reliable, and Hyper-Realistic® powered by Strategic Operations

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This manikin is intended to be used as an instructional aide in the teaching and demonstrating of live rescue training. 
Casualty Care Rescue Randy addresses training needs/curricula for TCCC – Tactical Combat Casualty Care for all service members, and TECC- Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for all EMS professionals.
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