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R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin

Address The Gap in Realistic Bariatric Training

R42 addresses the limitations in bariatric training with a realistic, immersive manikin to best prepare learners for real life scenarios. In collaboration with Simulation Collective.

Anaesthesia Training

R42 is ideal for intubation practice. Chest rise included for a wide range of scenarios.

Moving & Handling

Moving and handling throughout the full patient journey, from pre hospital to the operating theatre.

Basic Nursing Training

R42 offers a holistic training experience thanks to its realism and diversity.

Key Features

Realistic Representation

The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin is designed to represent a 145kg (320 lbs) female patient. Its lifelike features provide an accurate training experience. Though the actual manikin weighs much less.

Advanced Airway Management

Practice intubation with chest rise, ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-prepared for various airway scenarios. The Airway will take a Endotracheal tube and supraglottic airways such as LMA and Igel.

Realistic Articulated Limbs

The manikin’s arms and legs mimic the weight and challenges of caring for a bariatric patient. This is very relevant the transfer of Bariatric patients throughout their journey through the healthcare system. This realism ensures effective training.

Able To Use Monitoring

Incorporate advanced patient monitoring systems like Skillqube to simulate vital signs and enhance the realism of your training scenarios.

Limited Neck Movement

Representing an obese person with limited neck movement.

Vomiting Feature

Experience anatomical challenges and learn to adapt care plans for bariatric patients.

Female Genitalia for Catheterisation

Practice catheterisation, an essential skill in patient care.

Upright Sitting

The manikin can sit upright on a chair, allowing for training in patient positioning.

Intravenous Catheterisation

Is possible, as well as the ability to give fluid.

Intramuscular Injections Points

To simulate the giving of IM drugs.

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  • The name R42 comes from the statistic that 42% of US adults are overweight
  • It’s designed to represent a 145kg (320 lbs) female patient. The manikin weighs much less, however
  • R42 provides the option to interchange limbs to simulate various conditions, including diabetes-related issues, amputations, and trauma
  • R42 offers a realistic wounds simulation, allowing healthcare professionals to practice wound care and management
  • The manikin can simulate realistic bed sores
  • R42 includes infection simulation, enabling training on the prevention and control of infections

Pair R42 With Skillqube

R42 can integrate seamlessly with Skillqube, the simulated patient monitor. Skillqube allows you to choose from a variety of interfaces including Zoll and LIFEPAK. 

Simply get in touch using the button below to discuss adding Skillqube to your R42 manikin. 

Why R42?


The R42 Bariatric Nursing Manikin fills the gap in training for bariatric patients, promoting diversity and ensuring that all patients receive optimal care.


Our manikin accurately replicates the challenges of caring for a bariatric patient, providing a lifelike training experience.


Suitable for a range of healthcare scenarios, from anaesthesia and surgery to patient transport and basic nursing care.

Enhanced Preparedness

Train healthcare professionals to handle unexpected situations, such as patient vomiting, with confidence and skill.