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Simulaids® CasPeR CPR Dog Manikin

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CasPeR the CPR Dog enables manikin training in canine CPR, perfect for pet first aid courses.

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Simulaids® CasPeR CPR Dog Manikin | Pet First Aid Canine CPR

CasPeR the CPR Dog manikin enables pet first aid training in canine CPR. It is the perfect dummy/manikin for pet first aid instructors to teach mouth-to-snout resuscitation and chest compressions for dogs. Economical disposable shield/lung bags reduce the risk of cross-contamination between students. Most importantly, you can replace airways quickly and easily without tools.

Developed under veterinarian review for improved realism, CasPeR is ideal for veterinary training in the classroom or at a clinic. The CPR dog manikin enables you to perform realistic chest compressions and simulate basic mouth-to-snout CPR for dogs.

Do you teach pet first aid?

As a pet first aid instructor, you can use this CPR dog manikin to can teach correct hand placement for compressions, depth of compressions, airway maintenance, femoral pulse check and adequate ventilation.

Firstly, you simply install the pulse bulb assembly tubing into the port located on CasPeR’s hindquarters. Then, as you rhythmically squeezed the bulb, a simulated femoral pulse can be felt on the inside of the upper leg.

In conclusion, CasPeR is the most popular canine CPR manikin on the market. It is used by pet first-aid trainers and veterinary professionals all across the world.

Features of Simulaids® CasPeR CPR Dog Manikin:

  • Ready-formed moulded body placed in the appropriate position to perform CPR
  • Uses the same techniques and technology for human CPR manikins
  • Students will be prepared for resuscitating a dog
  • Designed to ensure the caregiver learns the correct procedures
  • Allows you to teach students in the classroom or even owners in the clinic
  • Incorporates all the necessary features for teaching basic dog CPR
  • Latex-free for reduced irritation and allergic reactions

Realistic anatomical features include:

  • Nares
  • Retractable tongue
  • Moveable jaw
  • Sanitary replacement airway
  • Foam-filled body for chest compression resistance
  • Femoral pulse

Disposable lungs (pack of 100)

Your dog has a cardiac arrest, would you know what to do? Check out our blog post: Can you perform CPR on a dog?



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