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Simulaids® Brad Adult™ CPR Manikin with Carry Bag

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Simulaids® Brad™ Adult CPR manikin is a robust CPR training manikin. Quick & easy to clean and replace CPR manikin lungs with filters.

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Simulaids® Brad™ Adult CPR Manikin with Carry Bag

The Simulaids Brad Adult CPR Manikin features a realistic look and accurate anatomical landmarks, therefore, allowing for proper training techniques to be applied when delivering CPR for an adult.

Simulaids’ Brad is an economical adult CPR training manikin constructed from a soft, vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam resulting in a more realistic ‘human’ feel. As a result, this means quick, wipe-clean maintenance. Above all, Brad has been designed with your training needs in mind and has been tested to withstand over one million compressions.

Resuscitation training professionals love Brad’s robustness. Brad’s foam chest not only gives a more realistic-feeling chest compression. This means fewer parts to potentially break and replace. The chest plate simulates the feeling of ribs and a sternum. This results in lifelike chest rise and fall during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Durable all-in-one nose and mouthpiece and CPR manikin lung bags with removable filters mean disinfecting the manikin is quick and safe. For the utmost safety during COVID-19, trainers have the option to provide each student with their own individual nose and mouthpiece. They also have the option to provide individual CPR manikin lung bags and cross-contamination filters.

Simulaids® Brad™ Adult CPR Manikin Features:

Brad has a realistic head tilt with a chin lift to open the airway.
Easily manipulated airway to simulate airway obstruction or choking situations.
Long torso for even more realistic abdominal thrusts.
Anatomical landmarks including sternum and rib cage plus substernal notch.
Economically, individuals use CPR manikin mouth/nose pieces (A cleaning and disinfecting guide are available to see the Technical tab).
User-friendly CPR manikin airway/lung system with a non-re-breathing valve that reduces cross-contamination.



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