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Simulaids® Adult Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board

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Adult Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board – 101-502

Deluxe Airway Management Head is available with or without a board, so you can replace the existing vinyl head on your PDA STAT or your STAT Simulator.
The features of this head include anatomical landmarks, tongue oedema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy, and bilateral carotid pulses. Use all of the field airway adjuncts your agency uses while practising with this product.
Instructions are included to show how to disconnect the head and use the colour and/or size-coded connections for easy installation of the replacement head.
The only head of its kind on the market
New material and new design
More life-like feel than older plastic models
Greater stretching characteristics in the face
Will not be damaged by student aggression with a Laryngoscope
The tongue is more flexible than older plastic models
Vocal cords reside in a more neutral position than the older plastic models
It is easier to clean than the older plastic models
Three-year warranty



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