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BT Inc Advanced CPR Simulator (w/o laptop)

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BT INC Advanced CPR Simulator

High-tech design
Human rib style spring system.
New Automatic functions
Pupillary reflex (3 cases)
Pulse beating (Carotid pulse)
Spontaneous breathing (Breath sound and Chest movement)
Over compression depth (7cm)
Over-compression can be detected by measuring an extra 1cm from AHA guidelines.
Defibrillator/ AED Shock
It is possible to give a real AED shock to the manikin.
When the user attaches the defibrillator pads, cardiac rhythms such as VF, VT, Asystole, and NSR will be displayed
Chest compressing, compression depth, position, rate, numbers and hands-off-time will be displayed in real-time
Airway, the angle of the patient’s head back will be displayed. (Hyperextension)
Artificial respiration, respiration volume, time, rate and numbers will be displayed in real-time

110/220V 50/60Hz

Power Adaptor or battery


BT Inc

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