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Advanced Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

£1,185.00 ex. Vat

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Advanced Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Augment training and enhance simulation exercises at every level of health care with this versatile, high-quality kit.

Kit includes:


LF00734 Abrasion
LF00725 A  Burn, 1st Degree
LF00725 C Burn, 2nd Degree, Deep Partial Thickness
LF00725 B Burn, 2nd Degree, Superficial Partial Thickness
LF00725 D Burn, 3rd Degree
LF00791 Chicken Pox
LF00733 Cyst: infected
LF00736 Dehiscence
LF00735 Incisions: normal and infected
LF00737 Lacerations: superficial and deep
LF00797 Lyme Disease
LF00796 Shingles

Makeup and Accessories:

LF00764 Blood blister makeup
LF00753 Blood-coloured modelling wax
LF00777 Clotted red makeup
LF00760 Injury shades makeup
LF00780 Light cream makeup
LF00754 Liquid Latex
LF00758 Magic blood powder
LF00755 Spirit Gum
LF00756 Spirit Gum Remover

Alcohol prep swabs
Application sticks
Ash dust powder
Black soot powder
Dirt powder
Foam wedges
Hard carry case
Instruction Booklets
Red rubber round
Spray bottle (empty)
Stipple sponges
Wet Wipes
White towel



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