Ventilator Training Simulators

COVID-19 Education

In response to the government’s call for businesses to help make NHS ventilators, we have registered our availability to provide ventilator training simulators.

We have been selling ventilator training simulators for a number of years, as a result of a widespread need for appropriately trained clinicians. Ventilators are highly sophisticated medical devices and require specialist knowledge and skills to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Our ventilator training products are software apps for PC, iOS and Android devices. This means training is cost-effective, because you do not need a ventilator for initial training. Software solutions also enable training to be offered remotely online, are highly scalable and available within hours.

  • Give trainees control

    Ventilation parameters/strategy can be controlled and respiratory engine adjusts accordingly using a mathematical model.

  • Scenarios

    Enable students to create bespoke ventilation strategies therefore enhancing teaching of mechanical ventilation principles. COVID-19 scenario coming FREE very soon.

  • Simulate ventilation modes

    Assist Control, SIMV, PC, VC, CMV as well as advanced ventilation modes.

  • Simulate complications

    Tension pneumothorax, anaphylaxis, bronchospasm, endotracheal tube disconnect, pulmonary embolism, malignant hyperpyrexia, local anaesthesia toxicity, cardiac arrest and many more…

  • Adapt to your patient

    Adjust the age, height and weight of your simulated patient.

  • Generic User Interface

    Trainees focus on principles rather than ventilator brand-specific controls. UI layout can be customised to suit your needs.

  • Software & Apps

    Available on PC, iOS and Android devices to make training portable and scalable.

  • Use with high fidelity simulators

    Interfaces with Gaumard simulators with bi-directional control.

Simulaids are NHS Supply Chain approved suppliers of medical simulators