Ultrasound Simulators

Ultrasound simulators for trauma, critical care and resuscitation…

Our FAST, eFAST and RUSH selection can scan any real patient like manikin with remarkable affordability. Intrapartum sonography, ultrasonography and echocardiography simulators are intended for healthcare professionals.

There is broad consensus on the utility of integrating virtual reality into ultrasound education and into training programs. It has been proposed as a valid and reliable method.

Computer-based simulators for ultrasound training are a topic of recent interest and come under the 5 categories below.

You can add ultrasound capability to any manikin or standardised patient for medical simulation, medical ultrasound or obstetrical ultrasound training. This will teach the basic skills of ultrasound examination when using ultrasound machines in emergency medicine e.g. point-of-care ultrasound. An ultrasound simulator is essentially a medical simulation training tool that enables educators and learners to practice diagnostic.

Our high-fidelity simulators are the perfect way for sonographers to attain hands-on experience while enhancing the theory of gynecology medical education. Our virtual patients provide non–real-time applications to happen, such as in the case of a transducer.

IUSim allows you to evaluate the progress of labour by measuring head-perineum distance and angle of progression with an ultrasound probe this provides you real-time assessments with a systematic review for clinical practice.

Our Blocksim has traditional anatomical landmarks, a lightweight, compact and easy to store box equipped with high fidelity sensors for the virtual ultrasound monitor with ultrasound images. This will help healthcare professionals in the area of providing learners with clinical training for medical imaging.

The Simulaids 3-in-1 ultrasound model provides ultrasound education for medical students helping with patient safety. It’s a great choice for hands-on training needed by medical practices, often irrespective of the ability, competence, and experience.

Our TruPICC is an adult male training arm designed for effective ultrasound skills. This helps with training in peripherally inserted central catheters and IV insertion.