Rescue training manikins

At Simulaids, we stock a wide range of rescue manikins (also known as rescue dummies) that you can use in emergency training scenarios.

Anatomically accurate, these manikins are weighted and joined, so they feel like genuine casualties, making the training process more beneficial. Find out more about our wide range of rescue training manikins below, including the popular Rescue Randy

Proud suppliers of the Rescue Randy manikin

One of the most popular brands of rescue manikin, Rescue Randy is used around the world, and is the next best thing to a human volunteer.

The Rescue Randy is the manikin of choice for the police, fire service, lifeguard, military and emergency responders.

Made of durable vinyl, the Rescue Randy manikin can take any situation that you put it in. There is even an extra-flexible Rescue Randy for use in extra-tight spots.

As people come in different shapes and sizes, so does Rescue Randy. The Rescue Randy training manikin comes in various heights and weights, to add extra authenticity to your rescue simulation. The weight in a Rescue Randy is distributed in the same way as it is a human.

We also supply the Rescue Jennifer, a smaller, lighter manikin designed to simulate a child or adolescent casualty.

Rescue training manikins for use in the water

If you work as a lifeguard or for the coastguard, you need to be able to rescue adults, babies and children from the water.

Our range of water rescue manikins have been specially created for use in rivers, lakes and seas. They are made with durable vinyl and have rust-resistant skeletons to ensure they can be used in the water over and over again without damage. When filled with water, they will start to sink, adding an extra element of urgency to your water-based training.

Once rescued from the water, a person may need CPR. Many of our rescue manikins have CPR options, coming with additional mouth/nose pieces and airway systems.

Specialist manikins for use with thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are often used in search and rescue situations. These infrared cameras identify body heat, allowing rescue teams to find casualties, even if they are not in plain sight.

We supply specialist rescue training manikins that can be used with thermal imaging cameras. Heaters in the face and hands allow the manikin to show up on a thermal imaging display, enabling easy rescue.

Add extra authenticity to your manikin

Our rescue manikins can be combined with our casualty simulation kits to give your medical staff and first-aid responders a more genuine experience. Our moulage wounds can be applied or strapped on to our rescue manikins, helping your team to identify and treat their injuries. Some wounds can even bleed, to add additional authenticity.

We also supply a wide range of accessories, such as training vests that can be used to simulate the weight and bulk of a firefighter’s protective apparatus.

Don’t forget your carry storage bag! We have a range of different sized bags, meaning that your rescue training manikin can be kept protected from the elements until the next time you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is great to use human volunteers in rescue training, there will be some scenarios that are too dangerous or uncomfortable to put them in, such as smoky rooms or confined spaces. In these cases, a rescue manikin will give your team an authentic training experience.

As well as being rescue scenarios, a manikin can also be used for emergency casualty care. Emergency responders and first-aiders can use rescue manikins to assess and treat potentially fatal injuries on the scene.