Trauma Casualty Simulators- Training Aids

Casualty and Rescue Simulation Training Aids

Our trauma casualty simulators aim to provide first aid techniques potentially teaching lifesaving procedures for patient care these come under two categories: Rescue Manikins and Casualty Simulation.

Search & Rescue Training Manikins & Accessories

These cover a large range of trauma training manikins including Rescue Randy, trauma manikin Randy and water rescue manikins that are large or full-body versions. The range is supported by a wide range of accessories and moulage. They feature lifelike anatomical landmarks, carotid pulse, chest with sternum, ribcage, and substernal notch with natural resistance to chest compression.

The airway system ball valve allows the lungs to inflate only with the head extended and accurately positioned. This means that airway management, trauma assessment and extrication skills can all be taught. Optional trauma modules may be added to enhance realism in trauma life support and life-saving first aid scenarios along with full-body CPR capabilities.

Trauma Moulage, Simulated Wounds, Fake Blood and Casualty Simulation Kits

Simulaids began producing trauma moulage products in 1963. Simulaids’ moulages were the first commercially available wounds specifically for EMS practice.

We are always developing and creating new products so we can be constantly be educating as many students as we can some of these are CPR Baby manikins, Fire and Water Rescue Manikins, intubation heads manufactured of silicone, remote-controlled patient simulators, and new silicone moulages offering realistic details.

Simulation is primarily about the suspension of disbelief. Anything you can do to help your students immerse themselves in a scenario will ultimately make the learning experience more powerful helping with their clinical skills. Fake wounds and makeup are inexpensive and are a visually impactful way to add to the realism of your simulation for the rescuer.

We have the widest range of casualty simulation kits on the market, including wounds and simulated injuries for healthcare, prehospital ambulance paramedic/EMS and military/armed forces training exercises.