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CPR training, inclusive of rescue breathing, has the probability of producing aerosol droplets, which is why strict hygiene protocols should always be followed. COVID-19 presents a real threat to life and therefore it is critically important to increase precautions.

Training centres are already reviewing their risk assessments, considering a reduction in class sizes and increasing manikin to student ratios. We have some very economical options to assist in preparation for courses starting up again. We have put together this guide to help trainers create a safe learning environment for their students.

Course safety

The primary risk of cross-infection during a training course is from person-to-person, rather than from manikins. Students should maintain a high level of hand hygiene and ensure they keep at least two metres apart from other people when possible. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 should be excluded from attending the course.

Course curriculum

A key point to cover when teaching students about calling for help is to advise the emergency services if COVID-19 is suspected. It is critical that emergency service personnel are informed so that they can don the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Manikin hygiene

All of Simulaids’ CPR manikins feature disposable lungs. Some models, such as Brad, have a non-rebreathing one-way valve on the lung to minimise the risk of contaminated air being expelled from the manikin. Others such as CPR Prompt and the Economy Sani-manikin have a simpler lung system which is designed to be changed after each student use.

In addition to the disposable lung system, students could be issued a manikin face shield or a pocket mask per individual, to provide extra protection and peace of mind. Face shields should be clearly labelled to ensure they are used the same way up each time and should be disposed of safely at the end of the training session.

Between each use, manikins should be thoroughly cleaned with manikin wipes and allowed to dry naturally.

Manikin ratios

Trainers may wish to reduce the number of students sharing a manikin, or ideally issue one manikin per student. To facilitate this we have a number of discounted training kits containing multiple manikins:

For mastery of chest compression-only CPR, the CPR Cube is a cost-effective and fun device.

CPR Feedback

Many trainers and learners have become accustomed to the educational benefits of real-time CPR feedback. We have solutions for all Simulaids manikin, some are built-in to the manikin, such as Brad VTA and CPR Prompt Plus, others are add-on kits that can be retrofitted to any manikin.

Further information

Comprehensive statements have been released by Resuscitation Council UK, European Resuscitation Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

Our experts are available to advise you, please contact us if you have any questions.

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