Medical simulators and medical training manikins

Medical simulators and healthcare training aids are used by medical students, carers and first aiders to learn how to carry out specific procedures before practising on patients.

Medical simulators have come a long way in the past few decades, with realistic, anatomically correct models helping students practice and refine their clinical techniques.

At Simulaids, we’re proud to supply a comprehensive collection of medical simulators online, from practising sutures and nose swabs, all the way through to gynaecological and urological models. Whatever you need, you will be sure to find it here.

All products we supply are soft and easy to clean, using specially sourced materials that approximate the texture of skin.

Click on the links below to find out more about our vast range of medical simulation products. If you aren’t sure which medical simulator is suitable for your needs, our specialist team will be happy to help.

Auscultation – heart and lung sounds

Auscultation is the action of listening to sounds from inside the body, usually the heart, lungs and bowels. It is generally the first step in the physical examination of a patient, so it is vital to get it right.

Auscultation trainers and manikins allow students to hear different sounds and make a diagnosis. These trainers can be used for one-on-one training or can be opened up for a group of students to listen in and make an assessment.

As the auscultation procedure varies depending on the age of the patient, we supply adult, child and infant manikins, to help fully immerse your students in the training scenario.

A wide range of accessories

As well as medical simulators, we supply a range of products to extend the life of your simulator even further.

From spare parts to replacement accessories, you can upgrade your medical simulator to provide additional medical scenarios for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manikin is an anatomically correct human-shaped model that is used in a variety of training scenarios.

We supply full-body manikins (like our KERi™ and GERi™ range) that patients can learn a variety of nursing and medical procedures on, and grow their confidence.

We also supply partial-body manikins that focus on a specific medical technique. These are a good option if you work in a more niche field of medicine or are on a budget.

The right type of manikin will depend on what you need it for. Don’t forget that we are always happy to recommend the correct medical manikin for your training requirements.

Medical simulators and manikins can be used by anyone who needs to learn specific medical and nursing procedures, from doctors and nurses to first-aiders and care home staff.

Medical simulators range from the general (for example, blood pressure simulators and suture kits) to simulators for specific fields of medicine. For example, we provide a range of birthing simulators for those working in midwifery or obstetrics.

While medical manikins are intended more for checkups and non-emergency procedures, we also supply a wide range of basic life support and advanced life support simulators too.

We’re the leading supplier in the market, selling a wide range of medical simulators online to hospitals, first aid training companies and the emergency services.

We offer free delivery, a five-year warranty and a price match promise. If you find our medical simulators and manikins cheaper anywhere else, we will match the price.