Task Trainers

Medical and Nursing Healthcare Simulation

We provide task trainers for medical and nurse education. This includes Intravenous (IV), Intramuscular (IM) and Intraosseous (IO) vascular access and injection simulators. As well as male and female catheterisation models, anatomical models and wound care.

Healthcare Patient Simulation takes place in simulation centres and clinical skills laboratories in universities and hospitals. Our products are trusted and proven products from Nasco Healthcare®, Life/form® and Medicor-Lab®.

Task trainers are designed to teach competency-based and procedural skills such as airway management, NG tube placement, lumbar puncture, and IV procedure. Our specialist simulators or lifelike models are designed to help learners practice a specific skill and they come under three categories: Urinary Catherisation Simulators, Injection Simulators and Medical Simulators and Healthcare Training Aids.

We have catheter trainers that come in male and female models for medical and nursing training. They allow students to truly immerse themselves in real-life situations, helping with medical education.

We cover an array of trainers IV, IM, IO, cannulation, venipuncture, phlebotomy. This closely simulates the lumbar anatomy including the anatomical landmarks. Providing life-like sensation of both skin and tissue resistance to the spinal needle for the arterial procedure for blood gas analysis training and suturing techniques The application of these skills can then be used during clinical scenarios utilising full-body manikins.

We have a wide variety of examination models & clinical task trainers providing optimum functionality. They can be an anatomical replica of a hand, arm, knee, torso and male or female pelvis. They can vary from birthing, blood pressure to airway management simulators.

Trainers and mannequins allow for repeated practise of individual skills while developing confidence & competency. They allow learners to practice while addressing a broad range of conditions from pediatric to trauma before applying to real patients.