Teri Geriatric Patient Simulator

Guest Blog – The Importance of Simulation Training for Elderly Care

Author: Melissa Dummer - National Distribution Sales Manager, Nasco Healthcare USA, previously a Nursing Home Administrator. I think we can all agree that 2020 has highlighted the importance of being READY for medical emergencies in long-term…
MultiPad 1 | Clinical Skills Training for Individual Students and Distance Learning
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How to teach clinical skills during COVID-19 lockdown

Socially distanced clinical skills training: introducing MultiPad Clinical skills training is Simulaids' forte; if you need a task trainer or manikin to teach a skill, we have it, probably more than one. Traditionally educators have been…
PC Spark VR Healthcare Simulation
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How to maintain healthcare simulation activity and student engagement during COVID-19

Recently I have been speaking to university lecturers to learn how they are maintaining teaching quality and student engagement during the 'lockdown'. Many are simply taking traditional 'talk and chalk' methods and 'delivering' (I'm not…

Reliable, Affordable and Realistic Obstetric Simulation

Worldwide, around 800-900 women die daily (1) due to complications through pregnancy and childbirth. Competent and skilled care before, during and after childbirth could have saved the lives of many of these women. There are various causes…