Medicor-Lab Wound Cleaning

Simulaids Ltd announce supplier partnership with Canadian firm, Medicor-Lab.

Medicor-Lab specialises in hyper-realistic task trainers and replica body parts for healthcare education.

Medicor Lab Realistic Man HandWe first discovered Medicor-Lab’s products at IMSH 2020 in San Diego at the start of the year. We were very impressed with the look and feel of the products and how well designed they are. We met with the company’s CEO & Founder, Mathieu Hacala, and found his passion and enthusiasm for his creations infectious.

Head of Business Development, Mark Cook, said, “one product line we expect to be very popular is the IV arms. We sell a lot of IV arms and know the biggest issue for customers is replacing the skin and veins. Simulaids offers a replacement service for the cost of the parts only, but some customers cannot be without their arms for the few days it takes to ship them to and from our workshop. For those high-use customers, we have been looking for alternative models that match the high quality they expect from us, with consumables that are easy to replace themselves. With Medicor Lab, we have found a good solution.”

In addition to IV arms, the Quebec-based company manufactures reusable adhesive wounds, including ones you can practise cleaning and ones with various embedded objects, something our customers will love. As well as innovative task trainers for needlestick procedures such as taking blood samples from a neonate’s foot.

We are very excited to show our customers these new products, albeit via video call until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Medicor-Lab Wound Cleaning

In the meantime, you can view Medicor-Lab products on our website and buy online via credit card or purchase order.

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