Basic Life Support

Basic life support (or BLS for short) is medical care that is given to injured or ill people to keep them safe until they can be taken to a hospital. By keeping the heart beating and blood circulating around the body. basic life support increases the chances of a patient surviving.

At Simulaids, we supply a wide range of basic life support training aids and manikins to help first-aiders, medical students and emergency responders learn life support skills.

Using CPR to save lives

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a critical element of basic life support training. It involves the use of chest compressions and rescue breaths if someone has become unconscious. CPR keeps blood flowing to the brain, heart and other organs, improving chances of a patient’s survival.

It is dangerous to practice CPR on someone who is fully conscious, so a manikin can help first-aiders, students and emergency responders test their CPR skills in a safe, pressure-free environment.

As well as adult manikins, we supply bariatric (obese), baby and infant manikins. Different sized and shaped bodies require slightly different CPR techniques. As a first-aider cannot know who may require emergency treatment in a BLS scenario, we also supply dog manikins.

Preventing choking in adults and children

When someone’s airway is blocked by a foreign object such as food or toys, and no oxygen can enter the lungs. This can lead to irreversible brain death or damage if not removed in time. In this scenario, clearing the airway as soon as possible is critical.

Basic life support when it comes to choking can involve abdominal thrusts (formerly known as the Heimlich manoeuvre) and back blows. As these cannot be performed on someone who is not choking, a BLS manikin will help first-aiders refine their technique and carry it out safely.

First-aiders need to be able to perform basic life support on different people. For example, an obese or pregnant person will have a less prominent ribcage, while abdominal thrusts can be harmful to babies. We supply a wide range of anatomically correct manikins that have been specially created for practising technique.

Don’t forget your BLS accessories

We supply accessories to prolong the life of your basic life support manikin, as well as provide additional functionality. From replacement heads, and mouthpieces and lungs for your manikin, to moulage wounds that you can strap on for extra authenticity, you will not find a wider range on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manikin is an anatomically accurate human model that is used in basic life support training scenarios – the next best thing to a person.

A BLS manikin can be used to help first-aiders, students and emergency responders learn and refine their life-saving skills.

First-aiders need to be able to respond to any basic life support training scenario. Examples of circumstances when BLS medical care may be required include cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, choking or drowning.

Essentially, basic life support training applies to any scenario when a person is unresponsive, or at risk of becoming unresponsive. First-aiders need to know how to use CPR, perform abdominal thrusts, treat wounds and prevent bleeding.

We’re the leading supplier of BLS manikins in the market, supplying a wide range of basic life support training products across the UK. We provide a collection of cost-effective manikins in bulk, meaning that we are the ideal choice for hospitals, first-aid training companies and educational establishments.

Simulaids offer a five-year warranty, free delivery and a price match promise. If you find our BLS manikins cheaper anywhere else, we guarantee to match the price.