Advanced Life Support Training Aids

The next step from basic life support, advanced life support (or ALS), is given to patients by paramedics, nurses and doctors in order to save lives. At Simulaids, we supply a wide range of advanced life support training aids and manikins to help medical staff diagnose, stabilise and treat patients.

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Advanced life support for children and babies

Paediatric ALS is slightly different to techniques used for adults, as patients are smaller and lighter. Medical students need to know how to apply advanced life support techniques to both adults and children.

We supply a range of paediatric advanced life support manikins and simulators including STAT Baby and child and infant CRiSiS Manikins.

Advanced life support training for WMD scenarios

Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosives (CBRNE) can cause untold damage to the human body.

Medical professionals, emergency responders and those who work in these specific industries will need to know how to assess, treat and decontaminate patients, without causing harm to themselves.

Our WMD STAT Manikin and WMD/CBRNE/Decon Full-Body Trainer will give your students an exceptional training experience. Both manikins are safe to use with water, and you can use a casualty simulation kit to add extra authenticity to your training scenario.

Don’t forget your ALS accessories

All ALS manikins we supply come with a wide range of features. However, we also provide a collection of comprehensive accessories to prolong the life of your manikin. We have everything you need for training from replacement mouthpieces and heads, to moulage wounds that you can stick on your manikin for additional authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced life support (ALS) is the skills that doctors, nurses and paramedics need to assess and treat ill and injured patients. ALS is usually carried out in a hospital environment, or at the scene of an emergency.

Advanced life support is used to treat potentially fatal conditions including cardiac arrest, stroke, poisoning and myocardial infarction (heart attack).

As well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), advanced life support techniques include intravenous therapy, defibrillation, catheterisation and intubation. Medical professionals need to not only know which procedure to carry out, but to be able to carry it out without harming the patient or causing additional trauma.

Extensive medical training is essential for all those who need to administer advanced life support. Our ALS manikins and trainers can be used to help students learn these advanced lifesaving techniques.

A manikin is an anatomically accurate human model that is used in advanced life support training scenarios. Manikins are weighted and joined to feel realistic and help immerse students in their learning.

The advantage of ALS manikins is that various life-saving procedures can be carried out on the same manikin, including CPR, ECG, phlebotomy and IV therapy.

We supply a range of ALS manikins, including the TruMan Trauma X and CRiSiS.

We also supply manikins that teach students how to administer specific surgical procedures, including cricothyroidotomy and intraosseous infusion.

We’re the leading supplier of ALS manikins and trainers in the market, supplying a comprehensive range of advanced life support training products across the UK.

Simulaids offer a five-year warranty, free delivery and a price match promise. If you find our advanced life support equipment cheaper anywhere else, we guarantee to match the price.