Resuscitation Manikins

Manikins for Advanced Life Support (ALS), Immediate Life Support (ILS) and Basic Life Support (BLS). Full body and torso anatomical manikins for adult, paediatric and infant resuscitation manikins (CPR) providing training that could be life-saving. Ideal for practising intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR trainer techniques.

We have everything you need for resuscitation training. Some of our resuscitation training products use Android & iOS apps to record and report. CPR feedback makes it easy for instructors to teach effective first aid training and students to learn quickly.

Simulaids offer the widest range of Airway Management Trainers from trusted global brands including Simulaids®, Life/form®, BT Inc and Tru Corp.

Our goal is to provide reliable, affordable and realistic medical simulation aid to help educate nurses, doctors, paramedics and all healthcare professionals.

We supply adult CPR training manikins as well as child manikins with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) trainer. AED offers different possible training scenarios for students within each category.

We have a full range of Life Support training aids to help teach advanced life-saving techniques and protocols. Some of these training aids include an Adult ALS Trainer and other ALS accessories such as chest tube manikins and tension pneumothorax trainers.

We have a wide variety of lifelike cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training manikins including Adult Brad CPR manikin to CasPeR The CPR Dog Manikin. These have a realistic head tilt from basic to advanced with CPR feedback metrics. They also measure chest compression speed, depth and recoil, and mouth-to-mouth/bag-valve-mask ventilation time and volume.

We’re a one-stop for Paediatric Life Support training manikins and accessories. We have many popular infant manikins that are tailored to suit different training needs. Our 6-9 Month Old Kevin CPR manikin includes a handy carry bag for when you’re on the move providing infant CPR training.

Airway Management Trainers and Simulators. This provides first aid training with dummies such as Adult airway management Torsos and full body and SALAD simulators.