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Simulaids® Trauma Moulage Casualty Simulation Kit

£993.00 ex. Vat

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Can be used with any Rescue manikin, the WMD/CBRNE/DECON Full-Body Trainer or the Trauma CPR Manikin.

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Trauma Moulage Kit

Application of these realistic bleeding moulages to a full-body manikin facilitates quick identification, diagnosis, and dressing of wounds by trainees.
Kit includes:
Compound fractures
Sucking chest wound
Crushed foot
Jaw wound
Projectile entry and exit of the arm.
These bleeding wounds strap on and are complete with pump assembly.  Non-bleeding strap-on wounds include 2nd and 3rd-degree burns of the chest, back, forearm, and face.
Includes Simulated blood.



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