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Simulaids® Child Choking Manikin

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This child torso and head includes two foreign objects on a string that can be used simulate a choking person.

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Simulaids® Choking Manikin – Child

As choking emergencies aren’t selective when it comes to age groups, Simulaids brings to you three generations of choking manikins to choose from.
This child’s torso and head include two foreign objects on a string that can simulate a choking person. It functions on the principle of clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated from abdominal thrusts or back blows.
Once the object is lodged in the airway the student can decide, using the anatomical landmarks for reference, where to place their hand and the required amount of pressure needed to complete the manoeuvre.
There is a visual confirmation of the expelled object when the correct amount of force is applied.

Manikin features that provide anatomical reference include:

Rib cage
Xiphoid process
Suprasternal notch



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