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Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator

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Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator

Infants commonly require lumbar puncture as a diagnostic procedure used to collect a sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), measure cerebrospinal fluid pressure, or inject medications intrathecally.
The Lifeform Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator represents a 10-12-month-old infant placed in a left lateral decubitus position with the neck and knees flexed, approximating the necessary fetal position. The embedded iliac crest offers exceptional realism, while the removable spine, spinal canal and skin pad make training simple and hassle-free.
Lumbar puncture may be performed in the L3-L4, L4-L5, or L5-S1 spaces. The correct site can be located by palpating the iliac crest and spine. A small give will be felt as the spinal needle is advanced slowly into the proper space. Fluid will flow when the needle is in the proper position.

Targets key skills specific to paediatric lumbar puncture procedures
Palpation of landmarks
Skin preparation
Needle positioning and insertion
Cerebrospinal fluid collection
Measure cerebrospinal fluid pressure
Intrathecal injections

Anatomically correct and palpable
Correct body positioning
The lumbar pad is easy to replace
Realistic resistance
Simulated CSF flows with successful puncture

The Lifeform Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator arrives attached to a board for stability during practice. Includes the Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Infant on a sturdy board, one lumbar puncture pad with spine and spinal tubing, an IV bag with tubing, baby powder, a hard carrying case, and an instruction manual.



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