Ventilator simulator and ventilator accessories

A ventilator simulator is a vital training product that helps medical students and staff learn how to keep patients safe and comfortable when they are on a ventilator.

Our ventilator simulator products are available for desktop, IOS and Android, meaning that they can be used anywhere. Students can even learn in their own time, without the need for their instructor’s involvement.

We have several years of experience in supplying ventilator training solutions across the UK, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The importance of a ventilator

A ventilator is a machine that takes over the body’s breathing processes if the lungs fail due to illness or injury. Examples of diseases where a ventilator may be needed include COVID-19, COPD, asthma, fibrosis and pneumonia.

A mechanical ventilator takes over breathing for the patient and pushes air with increased levels of oxygen into the lungs. This allows the patient to fight off their illness more efficiently, increasing their odds of survival.

Ventilation is an advanced medical procedure, which needs to be supervised by experienced medical professionals. Medical staff need to set the ventilator to control how much air the patient receives and how often. They also need to be able to treat the patient if their vital signs are low.

Ventilators are most often seen in hospitals, but can also be found in ambulances and people’s homes.

Ventilators are also used in surgery. This is because a general anaesthetic can affect a patient’s breathing, and a ventilator will control their breathing safely while the operation is taking place.

The benefits of LungSim

Here are some of the reasons why LungSim is the ideal ventilator simulator for your requirements.

Dual user controls for both instructor and student. The instructor can simulate several different patient conditions for the student to treat. The instructor can also specifically adapt the training scenarios to the age, height and weight of a simulated patient.

Usable on PC, IOS and Android. LungSim can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile, meaning that it can be used remotely, wherever you are.

Can be used ‘standalone’ or with a simulator. LungSim can be connected to a high-fidelity simulator, meaning that the student can learn on the respiratory mechanisms and practice ventilation techniques in a realistic training scenario. The student can also train on the respiratory mechanisms in their own time, without instructor involvement.

LungSim offers a generic user interface, meaning that the students learn the principles of ventilation that can be applied to any brand of ventilator.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are complex pieces of machinery with many controls. It is crucial to be able to know how to operate a ventilator with complete confidence before being allowed to use one with a patient.

Complications may arise on a ventilator, including anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrest, tension pneumothorax and endotracheal tube disconnect. It’s vital that students know how to diagnose the symptoms of these complications and respond with the correct treatment.

This is why a ventilation simulator like LungSim is extremely useful. This easy-to-use simulator enables students to train themselves on respiratory mechanisms and interpret data, with the ability for instructors to review their progress. It’s the next best thing to training on a real ventilator.

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