Paediatric simulators and manikins

It is essential to be able to give life-saving treatment to everyone, whether they are an adult or a child. Our comprehensive range of paediatric simulators and realistic manikins can be used to learn how to treat young people, from children through to premature babies.

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Training on a premature baby

As part of our paediatric simulator range, we offer the Micro Preemie Intubation Simulator and Premature Newborn Simulator. Premature babies need a lot of additional care and treatment, and these specially formulated manikins will help learners understand how to carry out specific medical procedures.

Hyper-realistic and representing the weight and size of a ‘preemie’ 25-week old baby or neonate, these manikins allow your students to carry out CPR, intramuscular injections and intubation.

Advanced life support and paediatric simulators

The next step up from basic life support, advanced life support (ALS) are the skills that doctors, nurses and paramedics need to assess, treat and stabilise ill and injured patients. Advanced life support can be the difference between a patient surviving and not surviving.

The C.H.A.R.L.I.E. and CRiSiS Manikins can be used to train medical staff and challenge them to make critical decisions in a short space of time.

These lifelike, anatomically accurate manikins have several different features that represent different technical challenges for your learners. Students can carry out defibrillation, IV therapy, catheterisation and intraosseous infusion, all on one manikin.

The CRiSiS manikins are available in both child and infant models, giving your learners a vital advantage when it comes to using advanced life support techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

A manikin is an anatomically correct human-shaped model. It can be weighted and jointed so it can be used in all emergency training scenarios. A paediatric manikin is one that resembles a child, infant or baby rather than an adult.

A paediatric manikin is used by medical students, emergency responders and first-aiders so they can learn how to give emergency treatment to a younger patient. A child, infant or baby will react to first aid and medication in a different way to adults. This means it is essential that students know how to treat specific illnesses and injuries in young children.

As training on a real child is not an option, a manikin is the next best thing. We offer a range of high-fidelity and medium-fidelity paediatric manikins that help students gain experience in paediatric emergency medicine.

All of our paediatric manikins are robust and easy to clean. We also provide replacement parts that you can easily replace yourself. This ensures that your manikin can be used for several years to come.

We’re the leading supplier in the market, selling a wide range of paediatric simulators, manikins and accessories across the UK.

We offer free delivery, a five-year warranty and a price match promise. If you find our paediatric simulators cheaper anywhere else, we will match the price.