Adult simulators – high-fidelity training simulators

Learning aids for medical students, first-aiders and emergency responders are more technologically advanced than ever before. High-fidelity training simulators enable students to respond to sounds and movements, immersing them in their training and improving the learning experience.

At Simulaids, we supply some of the most advanced adult simulators currently on the market, meaning that you can provide a comprehensive training experience for your students. Plus, with our years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect medical training aid for your requirements.

Click on the links below to find out more about our range of adult simulators. Our collection of simulators includes TERi™, the high tech geriatric patient simulator, and ALEX, the first patient simulator to have inbuilt speech recognition.

Using virtual reality to train students with the PCS Spark

Virtual reality (VR) has opened up healthcare and medical training opportunities for learners over the past few years. The Patient Communicator Simulator (PCS Spark) allows students to identify and diagnose virtual reality patients in different environments, from the GP surgery to A&E.

Students can quickly develop their communication and ‘bedside manner’ with a range of customisable scenarios. After they have finished the training exercise, PCS Spark will provide an instant summary of what the student did right and what they can do to improve.

Upgrade your manikin with PCS Plus

The first cloud-connected wearable simulator on the market, PCS Plus allows you to upgrade any basic manikin, as well as involve human standardised patients in your high-fidelity training experience.

Consisting of a smartshirt that you can easily put on a manikin or actor, PCS Plus provides realistic lung, heart, pulse and bowel sounds. In addition, a speaker allows the instructor to communicate with students, either to debrief or to let the student interact with the manikin. With the transcribe annual subscription, you can even get a full transcript of the training scenario for further review and quality assurance.

PCS Plus is fully portable, compatible with PCS Spark and means you can get a comprehensive adult simulation package at an extremely cost-effective price.

Frequently Asked Questions

A high-fidelity adult simulator is one that uses the most advanced technology to help students learn complex medical processes.

The manikins are designed to reproduce human physiology as accurately as possible, making them the next best thing to train with if a patient is not available or not suitable to practice medical techniques on.

High-fidelity adult simulators have electrical and mechanical components that make them act and behave like a person. This can include having a measurable pulse, an expanding chest that simulates breathing and being able to expel bodily fluids. Our Adult ALEX simulator can even make sounds and respond to questions that the medical student asks.

The advantage of a high-fidelity adult simulator over a low-fidelity adult simulator is that the student can train by reacting to the responses of the manikin, rather than cues from the instructor. Moulages (such as amputated legs) can be added to the manikin to make the training scenario even more authentic,

We supply a comprehensive range of high-fidelity adult simulators to hospitals, the military and training facilities across the UK. All are anatomically accurate and come with a realistic collection of accessories to fully immerse students in the learning experience.

We’re the leading supplier in the market, selling a wide range of high-fidelity adult simulators across the UK.

We offer free delivery, a five-year warranty and a price match promise. If you find our adult simulators cheaper anywhere else, we promise to match the price.