Patient Simulators

Human Patient Simulators offer a choice of high fidelity infant and adult human patient simulators. We offer a comprehensive range of accessories to enhance the learning experience, improving medical education for medical doctors, nurses and students.

Simulaids reliable, affordable and realistic full-body manikins are split into eight categories: Adult Simulators, Birthing Simulators, Nursing Skills Manikins, Paediatric Simulators, Patient Care Manikins, Patient Communication Simulators, Smart STAT and Ventilator Simulators.

We supply male and female adult simulators as well as virtual reality simulators and wearable medical and nursing simulators. Healthcare simulations aim to improve competencies in communication within the medical team by outlining the importance of decision making for patient care. Live examples are a vital tool for structured debriefings during simulation-based training.

We are leading suppliers of full-body female maternal birthing simulated patients, childbirth task trainers and pelvis manikins. We also provide neonatal and premature birthing simulators which provides healthcare professionals and medical students with a real patient like experience.

The manikins can deliver babies in the normal position or in other positions where immediate action for an intervention to save a baby or mother are needed.

If you’re looking for geriatric patient simulators that have a lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning, and non-pinching joints you’re in the right place. Full-size geriatric/elderly adult manikins and accessories.

We produce high and mid-fidelity paediatric and Infant simulators, manikins, and accessories. With the use of simulation, you’re able to provide clinical skills training that applies in real-life situations. The functionality of simulators is to always improve healthcare education so that professionals can provide the best care.

If you’re looking for the right tools to perform patient care training, our full-body adult manikins and healthcare training simulators may be what you’re looking for. They expose paediatrics to experiences that help enhance learning from practice, providing an educational bridge to prepare trainees for the reality of practice.

Simulaids provide mannequins, VR and wearable patient communication simulators. They have all the physiological features of a patient simulator you expect: palpable pulse points, automated breathing, blood pressure measurement, high-fidelity lung/heart/bowel sounds, live CPR metrics with BVM ventilation, simulated patient monitor and 12-lead ECG, intubatable airway, and more.

Our high fidelity, wireless and tetherless, 34 kg adult human manikin is exclusive to Simulaids. SMART STAT patient simulator is significantly better value than other patient simulators with a similar specification. The interactive iPad system offers the opportunity for a wide range of simulation training exercises across many medical disciplines.

Advanced software and tablet-based mechanical ventilator training simulators enhance training in a remote and scalable way providing clinical training with virtual patients helping with patient safety using immersive technology.