Spark VR headset

It’s a strange time to be in healthcare sales. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis means now is the perfect time to inform our customers of the solutions we have that can ease their problems, but personally, it feels a bit ‘dirty’.

There aren’t many people in healthcare sales solely to get rich, most of us want our work to mean something. Many are former clinicians, whose bodies have taken the strain of years of patient handling and shift work and don’t want their knowledge and skills to go to waste.

Sales is about taking opportunities, it just so happens the current opportunity has the unwelcome side-effect of millions of people getting sick. Aside from an unscrupulous minority, jacking up prices of hand sanitzer, the vast majority of healthcare sales professionals now have an opportunity to demonstrate their value to customers.

I have been travelling round the UK for a year trying to convince people that virtual telemedicine, for example, is the future of healthcare simulation. Sadly, it appears the future has arrived and we’re playing catch up.

“If extreme measures like mass quarantines come to pass, telehealth could finally have its bittersweet moment in the spotlight, potentially generating momentum that proponents hope will continue once life returns to normal.”¹

A wonderful example of how business can help has been our suppliers of online and VR education products taking special measures to make implementation quicker and easier. I can’t shake the feeling of opportunism, but if you’re in medical education, you really should look at these alternatives to traditional teaching.

Spark VR headset

PCS Spark – a patient communication simulator that uses virtual reality and speech recognition technology for standardised patient interview practise.

Browser-based telemedicine cases with full editing capabilities allow any healthcare professional to practise remote patient interview and assessment, with objective feedback.

Lecturio Medical Education


Lecturio – a digital medical education platform that provides online lectures and quizzes to support modern teaching and learning. The full Pre-Medical, Pre-Clinical and Medical curriculum is covered by 5,500+ videos, with the facility for lecturers to upload their own content too.

Simulaids Ltd is a supplier of Team PCS and Lecturio products in the UK & Ireland and we have special measures in place to ensure online teaching and learning services can be implemented with ease and minimal delay.

If you’re interested and want to learn more, contact us to arrange an online demo.

Look after each other and use the knowledge and skills of salespeople, they are a valuable asset to help you adapt in these challenging times.



¹ The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Finally Make Telemedicine Mainstream in the U.S. – Time

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